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Team Anglers

Boyd DecoitoMale
Kama DesiluaMale
Thomas GurrobatMale

Team CatchStats 

Angler Count 3
Total Fish Count 3
Blue Marlin Count 2
Yellowfin Tuna Count 1

Team Vessel

Vessel Name Five Star
Manufacturer Spencer
Model Sportfisher
Length 60
Home Port
Engine Mfr
Vessel Website
Captain Carlton Taniyama
Mate(s) Bronson Cablay


AnglerSpeciesCatch Time
Boyd DecoitoYellowfin Tuna8.06.17 12:59:23
8.06.17 11:57:12
8.06.17 09:31:14
8.05.17 12:57:20
8.04.17 12:26:43
Boyd DecoitoBlue Marlin8.04.17 11:17:27
Boyd DecoitoBlue Marlin8.04.17 09:53:49

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